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Affordable IT Support for Small Business & Non-Profits

Our mission at TimothyTek is to bring big tech resources to small businesses, corporations, and non-profits in the St. Louis metro area. The organizations our IT solutions support typically have about 5-30 IT users.

We believe small businesses are the backbone of our community, and they deserve affordable, easy to access IT support resources.

We’ve uncovered certain industries where we make a big difference with our computer help.

Medical Information

Computer Help for Medical Companies

Many of our greatest heroes are serving in the medical field. Is there a more honorable career than helping people with medical needs? Both co-founders Daniel and Joshua have family members serving as nurses. Joshua worked for a time as an IT project team lead at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, TN. And both Joshua and Daniel have experience working in IT in nursing homes and various medical offices and clinics. We understand the special requirements of HIPAA and are experienced in IT compliance.

Family Viewing House

IT Support for Real Estate Companies and Realtors

We love working with those in the real estate industry for several reasons. Co-founder Joshua used to help his grandfather in the family real estate appraisal business and saw firsthand the importance of technology to real estate. His grandfather's struggles with IT inspired him to work toward offering carefree IT services to reduce stress and empower businesses. Joshua also owns 4 rental properties and has experience renovating houses.

Computer Class

Managed IT Services for Education Facilities

Both founders, Daniel and Joshua, have been blessed to have attended private Christian schools at some point in their education. They believe in the importance of quality education for everyone. Technology is essential in the classroom and for school administration. 

Both have a bachelor's, and Joshua has a master's degree. Joshua started his IT career working for his college and gained additional experience working in the A/V department. Daniel and Joshua have experience working with various schools over the years.

Couple Checking In

IT Support for the Hospitality Industry

Our latest focus is the hospitality industry. Both Joshua and his wife have experience as servers in restaurants. We love good food and the people who serve it. We also have ventured into the AirBnB space and are learning about the hospitality industry from the inside. 

Hospitality comes naturally to us as we are always hosting friends and family from out of town. We have friends in the hotel business and have studied the particular IT needs of hospitality businesses, including POS, secure and legal internet for customers and visitors, and WiFi and cellular coverage issues faced in these facilities.

Baker Online Store

IT Support for Your Small Business

Whatever industry you serve, we would love to earn the opportunity to support your IT needs. It’s easy to get trusted IT support with TimothyTek.

We love serving small businesses and non-profits with the best IT support.

But don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say!

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