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Service Options

We offer both 3CX and NUSO phone systems. Both are powerful business phone solutions. For help determining which phone system and what tiers you need, reach out to us for a free consultation. Additional services from higher tiers may be added to lower tiers for a reasonable fee. Here is a general description of the tiers available to you with both systems:


Base Tier (General Phone Line)

This tier includes a desk phone, extension, very generous local and long-distance call time, caller ID, call hold, call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, do not disturb, selective call rejection, speed dial, and more.

Mid Tier (Employee Phone)

This tier includes everything from the Base Tier plus voicemail, a web portal with click to dial, simultaneous ring groups, call logs, call statistics, inbound fax to email, and more.

Advanced Tier (Receptionist, Power User)

This tier includes everything from the Base and Mid Tiers plus business voice mobile app (aka softphone, enables you to use your cell phone to make and receive calls), desktop to PC or Mac communications portal with Outlook integration, complete with SMS texting capabilities, and more.

                      Reach out to us anytime with questions or for a consultation!


Business Phone Solution Estimator

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Get 99.999% uptime!

>Forward to Cell

>Auto Attendant

>Fax Solutions

>And Much More

TimothyTek can save you money on your phone services and bring you the same technology used by big business.

It’s Easier and More Affordable than You Ever Thought with TimothyTek’s Business Class Phone Systems!

Step 1:

Free Consultation and Site Survey to Discover the Phone Service and System that Makes the Most Sense for Your Business

Step 2:

We Prepare the Equipment and Services you Need

Step 3:

We Install and Teach You to Use Your new Phone System

We’re confident our products, service, and savings, will keep you satisfied for years to come! Ask about our zero down phone solutions!

If you’re not sure what kind of phone service will work best for your business, we can help you decide and create a plan to help you with as little or as much phone system service as you need.

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