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TimothyTek’s Managed IT Services are Like Having a Computer Superhero on Staff

Managed IT services can prevent 90% of unplanned computer downtime, saving your time, your money, your data, and frustration.

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Know immediately when your hard drive is losing speed – before it fails.

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Know your files are backing up properly – before you lose data.

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Keep an eye on suspicious activity – without watching.

TimothyTek can monitor your computer network for you 24/7. We offer critical IT insights, incredibly fast help, and unlimited helpdesk support!


Computer Help on a Month-to-Month Subscription

With our Managed IT Services, we install a remote maintenance and management (RMM) software on all your computers, tablets, smart phones, devices, and servers. Then we continually monitor everything remotely – and send you all necessary alerts.


We equip your systems with the latest security updates, ensure safety protocols are followed, and with the help of our software, we sift through thousands of pages of logs daily on your devices monitoring performance and looking for any sign of trouble. We also help you plan for upgrades and repairs in advance, to help prevent surprise issues and expenses.

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TimothyTek Managed IT Services Save You Money

We work remotely which eliminates emergency onsite visits and prevents costly outages. Our proactive monitoring also saves you from experiencing detrimental security breaches, damage, loss, or expenses.

It’s Easier and More Affordable than You Ever Thought with TimothyTek Managed IT Services

Step 1:

Free Consultation and Site Survey

Step 2:

We Plan the RMM Software Rollout

Step 3:

We Start Protecting Your Computers and Entire Network

Not sure if you need Managed IT Services?

We can help you decide and create a plan to help you with as little or as much computer assistance as you need.

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