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Cloud Solutions for Small Business

– More Processing, More Storage, More Protection

Get unlimited processing and storage availability and scalable performance with a cloud-based computer solution from TimothyTek.

The term remote working has taken on a new life – it not only covers working from satellite offices, but today, it infers the ability to work from home or absolutely anywhere. This ability is powerful for any business, especially small business.

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Get more done, more reliably and affordably than you ever thought possible. The cloud’s the limit!

From secure remote access to remote storage, shared software, and collaboration tools, we have every cloud solution for small business on scalable tiers within your budget.

More Team Collaboration with Cloud Solutions for Small Business

Cloud solutions enable collaborative work. Multiple people can work on the same projects or documents, and changes are merged and displayed in real time. Large amounts of data cannot be sent via email but can easily be shared via cloud storage.

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Small Business Cloud Solutions Save Money and Resources

Cloud Software enables multiple users to access the same licensed version of a software without having multiple licenses (if it is permitted in the license agreement and only one user is accessing it at a time).

TimothyTek’s Top Cloud Solutions

Our most common cloud offering is Microsoft Office 365, which includes the traditional Microsoft Office software, plus Teams for communication, OneDrive for cloud storage, and SharePoint for real time collaborative work. It also includes email hosting. We’re certified experts at installing and deploying this solution for small businesses.

We also provide cloud storage and cloud compute on a server on your premises or in a secure and reliable data center through either Dell or HPE. We can virtualize older operating systems and keep them running securely in a virtual machine.

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It’s Easier and More Affordable than You Ever Thought with TimothyTek’s Cloud Solutions for Business

Step 1:

Free Consultation and Site Survey with Multiple Cloud Solution Options

Step 2:

We Prepare the Cloud Solution for Your Small Business

Step 3:

We Roll Out the Solution Ensuring Business Continuity

Not sure if your business needs the cloud?

We can help you decide and create a plan to help you with as little or as much cloud assistance as you need.

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