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TimothyTek Computer Experts

Unparalleled Passion for Computer Help

Joshua Hall - Co-Founder - TimothyTek

Joshua and Daniel, co-founders of TimothyTek, grew up in small-town America with small businesses in their families. Both have been repairing computers since they were kids. Both have worked in industries besides IT and moved to IT because they saw a common problem. There is a shortage of quality, affordable, customer-focused IT support for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits.

It’s why we founded TimothyTek, we think big tech resources should be available to every organization regardless of their size, to help them be more efficient, more profitable, and grow. 

Joshua Hall

– Co-Founder of TimothyTek

We’re More than Competent Computer Support

All the TimothyTek engineers have a minimum of 5 years of IT experience and hold IT security certifications. Our team boasts over 14 different industry certifications in cybersecurity, network administration, cloud administration, and telecom. 

Additionally, we have partnerships with TechData, Dell, Microsoft, Aruba, and Watchguard, giving us access to the best engineers in the industry.

TimothyTek Mission Statement

Computer Support You Can Trust

TimothyTek was founded on Christian principles. Our founders are conscientious followers of Christ. As a company, we have zero tolerance for dishonesty or theft in any form. We happily serve others because God served us. 

TimothyTek employees strive to live by the golden rule, not merely because it is good business, but because we want to honor the Lord in all we do. We do not require our employees to be Christians, (it’s a happy coincidence) but we do expect them to uphold high ethical standards in the workplace and to treat others with respect.

The Right Computer Support for Your Business

During our free consultations we work hard to get to know you and your business personally and understand the needs of your organization so we can decide together whether a partnership is a great fit. We’ll be the first to admit, we’re not able to serve everyone who inquires about our services. Some businesses have needs beyond our typical scope, others may simply not be a good fit. One thing we know; a bad fit serves no one.

Computer Support with Strong Values

We remember our core values with the acronym G.I.V.E. Generosity, Integrity, Value, and Excellence.


We focus on industry leading customer service, we pay our employees well, and we give back to our community from our proceeds. A spirit of generosity sharpens our focus on our work because we are not just earning a living, we are helping families and communities thrive by empowering small businesses.


We strive for integrity in everything we say and do. We under-promise and over-perform, communicate proactively, own mistakes and make amends, avoid dishonesty at all costs, confront gossip and slander, encourage healthy reconciliation, abide by the law, and pursue healthy relationships with all.


Our conviction is that every interaction and transaction with clients, employees, vendors, and stakeholders should add value. We avoid laziness and work hard for all our partners; to optimize our value.


In all we do we strive for excellence, not perfection. We focus on the delivery of excellent services, timely project completion, and happy partners.


TimothyTek Computer Expert Team

Joshua Hall - Co-Founder - TimothyTek

Joshua M. Hall

Co-founder and Systems Engineer

“As a young man, I used to help my grandfather with his real estate appraisal business. After long days on the road gathering information for his appraisals, he would return to his home office to write his reports. Frequently his computer would not cooperate leading to delays, stress, and frustration. His IT problems inspired me to help small businesses by designing and implementing carefree IT solutions. 

In addition to my IT work, I have served as a pastor on staff at several churches since being ordained in 2008. I was often both a pastor and a technology resource, building websites, designing, and troubleshooting A/V systems, and working with church and school IT systems. I am always looking for more technical solutions to help churches, schools, and other nonprofits serve more people. 

Now my passion is to help SMBs and non-profit churches and schools by designing, implementing, and maintaining strategic and carefree technology solutions.”


​Joshua holds 14 industry certifications covering computer repair, networking, servers, operating systems, security, and cloud computing. He has years of professional experience in IT services, as well as extensive experience in nonprofit management. Before moving into tech, Joshua spent the first decade of his career serving churches in pastoral ministry. He holds two degrees in theology and loves helping people. Spending time with his wife and three kids and roller skating are his favorite activities.

Daniel Gruhn - Co-Founder - TimothyTek

Daniel J. Gruhn

Co-founder and Systems Engineer

Daniel loves wildlife photography, hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking so he earned his bachelor's in Natural Resource Management from Mizzou. He then worked for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for about 4 years teaching the public as a seasonal naturalist. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service then hired Daniel to join their research team. During his time there, Daniel optimized the way data was entered, reducing task time by over 90%. Daniel then worked for Westminster Christian Academy for 6 years, eventually managing the grounds department. He used data modeling to determine the best irrigation timing based on the previous 3 days weather to optimize watering for maximum grass health with minimum expense. He optimized the fertilization schedule and amounts using a similar data model which he also built. Additionally, Daniel used technology to optimize budget projections and project planning. In 2018, Daniel transitioned to a career in Information Technology working for a local tech company. Convinced he could help build a better IT company; Daniel then went on to co-found TimothyTek.


​Daniel has years of professional IT experience and over a decade of management experience under his belt. He is a well-rounded technician who can do just about anything IT-related. He especially enjoys building robust hardware systems.

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